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To the gentle sound of the waves, cosmopolitan Casablanca is a vibrant modern city where bars, restaurants and art galleries add to this cultural vitality.

Head to Ain Diab to laze on the fine sand by the Atlantic Ocean. Or stroll along the Corniche for several kilometres and admire the sea front.

But Casablanca has many other treasures. At the heart of the city you will discover place Mohammed V with its Art Deco style façades. You have to see place Mohammed V in the evening too for the light show in its brand new fountain.

Another district, another style. To see more eastern style architecture head to the Habous Quarter. This is a popular shopping area built at the start of the 20th century. Stroll along the streets lined with arches and wooden doors to find spices, olives - everything you need for some local cooking. Then go and sit in the shade of the palm trees in the nearby gardens and enjoy the cool fountains.

Make sure you visit the Old Medina of Casablanca. It offers a striking contrast with the city's modern buildings. Go and meet the craftsmen in this maze of streets surrounded by ramparts.

Now you just have to see the most important monument in Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque. It's particularity interesting because it was built on the sea. The white building is unmistakable with its 200 meters high minaret. Make sure you have a guided tour, because this mosque is open to non-Muslims.

Finally, if you like golf, you can easily get a bit of practice in Casablanca. There are several courses near the city, such as the Casa Green or the Tony Jacklin.

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