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Capital of Wales, Cardiff has retained its traditions and yet is suffused with a dynamic, contemporary spirit which can be seen within its streets and its cultural life. It is this contrast which makes Cardiff a major tourist destination which is full of surprises.

Immerse yourself in Welsh culture: head to Cardiff Castle which dates back to the Middle Ages.
If you’re visiting Cardiff around Christmas and New Year, don’t miss Cardiff's Winter Wonderland festival, which is set up in front of the City Hall. Continue your discovery of Welsh Culture with a trip to the National Museum Wales where you will learn all about Welsh history and culture.

Having soaked up all that traditional culture, you are now ready to discover another side of Cardiff. Experience the excitement of the city's sports events at the Millennium Stadium, which was built for the Rugby World Cup in 1999.
One of the Six Nations, Wales is very keen on it's rugby, but Cardiff is more than just a city of sport!

Art lovers will be delighted to discover the suave artistic touch which characterises cultural life in Cardiff - just take a look at what's on offer at the Design Festival or the Cardiff Festival. If you are looking for some great concerts in Cardiff, try the Brecon Jazz Festival in August.
If you're on a family visit to Cardiff, check out the Sparks in the Park festival.

And to taste the real flavour of Cardiff, head to the Great British Cheese Festival and be tempted by the many varieties of British and Welsh cheeses!

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