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Bordered on one side by the Great Barrier Reef, and on the other by rainforests, Cairns is one of the most exotic cities in Australia. Nature-lovers will be in heaven, but party animals and backpackers are also well catered for in Cairns.

Thanks to its geographical location, Cairns is the ideal place from which to explore the Great Barrier Reef. A world-class diving site awaits, nestled in a dream landscape. You will discover the unique biodiversity of these translucent waters.

However, if you take the opposite path and explore inland, magnificent rainforests open up to you. These include the Daintree National Park, a Unesco World Heritage site. You will be astonished by the size of this rainforest and by the exotic animals that live there: tree-kangaroos, cassowaries or crocodiles.

A prime tourist destination in Australia, over time Cairns has become an iconic place to party the night away. Every night, party animals flock to enjoy beats from the city’s DJs, live musicians and nightclubs.

Fans of the great outdoors will be in their element; you can try all kinds of extreme sports in Cairns, such as skydiving or rafting, or you can enjoy a relaxed visit to the Wildlife Dome, a gigantic zoo.

With so many advantages and a strong desire to develop these, Cairns has naturally become an essential stop on any trip to Australia.

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