Buenos Aires
Star gazing.

The architect Enrique Jan began construction of the Planetario Galileo Galilei located in the Parque Tres de Febrero (February 3rd) in 1962. The planetarium aims to share scientific knowledge with the public through fun activities.

The discoveries are spread throughout the ultra-modern building, with five floors of exhibition spaces, six staircases including a spiral staircase, a circular room and a dome.

There are some extraordinary pieces housed in the planetarium such as the meteorite found in the Chaco province, or the moon rock donated by the Apollo XI mission. There is an impressive 5 metre high telescope weighing 2.5 tons on the second floor. The whole family will be transfixed.

All year long :
    From Tuesday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:00
    Saturday, Sunday from 11:30 to 19:00

Avenida Sarmiento y Belisario Roldon
C1001 Buenos Aires

Phone number
4771 6629


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