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A Latin city with European influences, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to start exploring South America. With its population largely descended from European colonists, the city forges a link between the continents, and this blend of cultures adds greatly to this cosmopolitan destination’s dynamic character. Buenos Aires is proud of its history, and its different cultural influences are reflected in the capital’s streets and gathering places: a mix of a Latin way of life and western energy. The Porteños welcome you to their charming, bohemian city filled with art, music and dance.

A city and its European-inspired spaces

The city nicknamed “the Paris of South America” draws inspiration from Europe. From the main thoroughfares to the terraces and cafés, the city’s European influence can be seen in its architecture and roads. La Boca, a colourful neighbourhood with Italian touches, is a reminder of the various waves of immigration the city has experienced. The sublime Errázuriz Palace designed by René Sergent, the same architect who built the Musée Nissim de Camondo in Paris, is Buenos Aires’ most beautiful example of the influence of Parisian splendour on 20th century Argentina. With its Haussmannian architecture and wide avenues, the Recoleta quarter has clear echoes of the French capital city. But Buenos Aires is also unique thanks to its historic quarters such as San Telmo, where the locals gather at flea markets and walk through narrow cobblestone streets peppered with hundred-year-old buildings.

Rustic and authentic gastronomy

italic;Buenos Aires is known for its food. In this city, which received the title of Ibero-American capital of gastronomy in 2017, high quality meat is at the heart of their cuisine. Specialities like bife de chorizo mariposa (butterflied sirloin steak), strip loin, and bife de lomo (tenderloin steak), sirloin steak, can be enjoyed at Don Julio, one of the city’s best carveries (parrilla).
These cuts of meat, accompanied by Malbec or other wines from the region, are a delicious treat for the taste buds. Argentina, proud of its land and its products, is discovered through its cooking, which you can sample in Buenos Aires’ many restaurants. Cooking over a fire, as the local chefs generally prefer to do, reveals unknown flavours. Buenos Aires also has cuisine inspired by Italy, such as delicious pizza and pasta dishes. The famous helados, traditional Italian ice cream, is very popular here and can be enjoyed at the end of a meal or between two visits during the day.

The city’s museums and art scene

Buenos Aires has an artistic, bohemian spirit. Literature, painting and all other sorts of artistic expression hold an important place in local culture. You can learn about Latin art at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires: this museum, also known as MALBA, offers a chance to discover giants of the Argentinian art world such as Antonio Berni, with his social realist works, as well as artists like Frida Kahlo and Fernando Botero. Buenos Aires is also home to the Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner dedicated to contemporary art, performances and dance. This former post office is a perfect setting for cultural expositions and fascinating architectural installations such as those of Leandro Erlich. Argentina’s most modern artists display their works at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

A city with an active night life scene, from tango to bars

Buenos Aires is a busy place at night, full of tango music and the muted atmosphere of speakeasies. The narrow streets and popular dance halls of Palermo come to life at night. At 1:00 A.M., the night is still young in this city! The frenzied steps of the tango fill the milongas, the dance halls where centuries-old music accompanies the traditional cultural heritage of Buenos Aires. Between DJ sets and jazz concerts, the speakeasies of the Recoleta also host local night life events. Enjoy sophisticated bar Milion and or have a few cocktails at the underground Victoria Brown Bar to begin your evening before undertaking the adventure that is a night out in Argentina.

Buenos Aires is a passionate city, and the Argentines themselves are proof of it. Between the fire used in their cooking and the wild dances, the European allure of certain parts of the city cannot hide the Latin origins of this creative, bohemian place. Buenos Aires is full of life and colour, right down to the pink facades of
Casa Rosada, the seat of executive power in the city.

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