Splendid views of Budapest.

This is one of the largest churches in Budapest, its dome visible from all over the city. It was built between 1851 and 1905 in the classical style and houses the most important relic in Hungary - the holy right arm - of the country's first king for whom the basilica is named.

Visitors can view some important works of art in the church such as the Alajos Stróbl statues and a painting by Gyula Benczúr. St. Stephen's Basilica has placed the country under the protection of the Blessed Virgin. The cathedral's dome is accessible to visitors and affords splendid views of Budapest.

All year long :
    From Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00
    Sunday from 07:45 to 19:00

Admission prices :

Szent István tér
1000 Budapest

Phone number
0036 1 311 0839

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