The most beautiful Catholic church in Budapest

Mathias Church, listed by Unesco as a historical monument, also known as the Coronation Cathedral of Buda, is located on St. Trinity Square. It is without doubt the most beautiful and famous Catholic church in Budapest, which due to its excellent location has a significant impact on the appearance of the Castle district from the Pest side.

According to church tradition Mathias Church was founded by King St. Stephen in 1015. The cathedral's official name is Notre Dame and was built in several stages. It received its current neo-gothic aspect in 1896 during an important reconstruction undertaken by Frigyes Schulek.

All year long :
    From Thursday to Tuesday from 07:00 to 18:00
    Wednesday from 07:00 to 18:30
    Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00

Admission prices :
    Full price : 1500
    Doors open at 60 years : 1000
    Students : 1000

Szentháromság tér 2
1000 Budapest

Phone number
36 1 488 7716


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