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Sprawled on both sides of the Danube, the capital of Hungary is a fascinating metropolis. The two banks of the city evolved quite separately over the centuries, given they were distinct communes: Buda grew over its two hills at the water's edge, while Pest spread out over its flat plain…

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the first ever to link Buda and Pest (before they were officially united as one city in 1872), is the city's emblem, its everlasting symbol.|

The city of Budapest offers visitors a range of activities and events from cultural tours of this architectural goldmine to relaxing sessions in the local spas. Wellness, gastronomy, culture and history; what more could one ask for?

Take in the sights of Budapest: the Buda château district, the Andrassy avenue (both listed by UNESCO as heritage sites), the Turkish and Roman vestiges, Gothic and Neo-Gothic constructions, classical as well as Art Nouveau… Altogether, this city is a sprawling mosaic of architectural styles.

To really appreciate the city as a whole, scale the château to command a view you won't soon forget, encompassing the two banks of the Danube and the white silhouette of the parliament building.

Also, once you're tired of culture and history, take an afternoon kicking back at the Gellért or Széchenyi public baths and relax in the mineral-rich thermal waters…

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