A monumental square.

In the middle of the old town sits the Grand-Place of East Brussels which Victor Hugo described as "The most beautiful square in the world." Its praise is mainly due to the uncommon architecture of the Place; a mix of Italian baroque and Flemish decoration which reflects the history of the city and its evolution over time.

The Grand-Place was originally built on a piece of land that had formerly been a drained marshland. This central hub soon became the city's first market place and its first shopping district. Over the course of the years, different guilds and institutions began to build their edifices around the Place including the Bread market, the Fabric market, and the Meat market. The City Hall was built there during the 15th century. In 1695, the Place was bombed, but was rebuilt soon after. Since 1998 the Grand-Place has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. A testimony to the city's history, the Grand-Place has as much to offer today as it ever did.

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Grote Markt
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