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From Monday, October 29 2018 to Tuesday, November 6 2018


Dates to be confirmed.

Traditionally, the Museum of Fantastic Art in Brussels takes part in theHalloween celebrations and offers an enigmatic journey that will lead the more adventurous among you into the heart of the Chamber of Secrets.

Sorcerers' certificates and tastings of mysterious potions will reward would-be wizards and witches at an event where pumpkins, tricks and black magic will all be making an appearance.

From Monday 29 October to Tuesday 6 November 2018 :
- Every day, from 11:00 to 18:00

Musée d'art fantastique de Bruxelles
7 rue Américaine
1000 Brussels City

Phone number
32 475 41 29 18

32 2 538 28 68

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