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From Friday, June 29 2018 to Sunday, July 1 2018

United colours of music.

For more than 20 years, the Couleur Cafe (or "coffee coloured") festival has been offering its multi-cultural vision, reflecting the cultural melting-pot of society in Brussels.
Celebrating its multicultural blend of origins, this festival encourages new discoveries, sharing and exchanges.
Ragga, reggae, hip-hop, world music, rock, and pop will be on the cards in a marvellous blend of styles and cultures over the course of this three day festival in front of a crowd of some 70,000 people. Don't miss out!

square de l'Atomium
Atomium Square
1000 Brussels City

Phone number
32 0 2 475 47 75

32 0 2 475 47 79


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