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The most modern of Belgian chocolatiers lets you discover his cocoa works of art.

Since it is impossible to resist chocolate anyway, you might as well opt for the best! In the historic heart of Bruges, Dominique Persoone has reinvented the art of cocoa. Though he's traditional and meticulous in his choice of product, which he grows and imports from the Yucatan in Mexico, when it comes to the rest, Persoone does nothing by the book
. In his chocolate shop, visitors can taste chocolate in the form of pills - or even a shot! And when it comes to flavours, get ready for another surprise, with combinations such as chocolate and cauliflower, olive oil, and even oyster. To recover from these taste sensations, you can continue the adventure with a short tour of the museum, where you can admire paintings, in chocolate obviously, created by the artist. Crazy.

All year long :
- From Tuesday to Saturday from 09:30 to 18:30
- Monday from 10:30 to 18:30

The Chocolate Line
Simon Stevinplein 19
8000 Bruges

Phone number
0 50 34 10 90


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