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Covering a 12 hectare surface area, the Place des Quinconces is the largest public square in Europe. Situated in the heart of Bordeaux, this space has survived the housing boom and retains its authenticity with trees planted in "quincunxes," hence the name of the square.

At the centre of this impressive development is the monument to the Girondins and the famous fountains. To the sides, the place is guarded by the benevolent gaze of two of the greatest French intellectuals, Montaigne and Montesquieu, with Domenico Maggesi's statues installed in 1858.

The Place des Quinconces has always hosted fairs, flea markets and been the scene of celebrations on other Bordeaux holidays. So it is quite natural that the Girondins de Bordeaux football supporters come here to celebrate their team's victories.

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Place des Quinconces - Quincunxes Square
place des Quinconces
33000 Bordeaux

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