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From Wednesday, January 3 2018 to Friday, April 27 2018

The railway revolution.

The Archives Bordeaux Métropole, based in a former Bordeaux railway warehouse built in 1859, have exceptional collections which are able to show to what extent the railway transformed the territory and landscapes of the Bordeaux region, but also the lifestyle of the population.

The train and its litany of stations, bridges, tunnels and tracks came to the city and reshaped the landscape. This arrival came with a lot of noise and upturned all the space-time conceptions which existed up to that point. The companies organised around the port and quickly played a major role in the transport of travellers and goods. The train attracted factories and, with them, new populations. The train also transformed the tourist industry.

This exhibition illustrates all these transformations via written and exhibited documents.

Archives de Bordeaux Métropole
Rue de la Rotonde
Parvis des Archives
33000 Bordeaux

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