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Berlin displays its love of art proudly. The capital of German culture and street art, the city has a particularly creative and dynamic vibe that fits perfectly with its heritage. From museums to breweries, underground galleries to flea markets, Berlin is a cosmopolitan city par excellence. There’s a reason that David Bowie chose to compose his famous song “Heroes”, considered by many as a sort of Berliner anthem, here.

In Berlin, one out of two galleries is underground

When you think of Berlin, you can’t help but think of street art. Indeed, the German capital is covered in examples of this artistic practice, to such a degree that certain neighbourhoods can be considered as open-air galleries. Head to the core of the city centre, the Mitte neighbourhood, and walk down the alleyway at 39 Rosenthaler Strasse to reach a courtyard entirely dedicated to street art. The walls here are covered in floor-to-ceiling art.
But it’s probably in the Friedrichshain area that you’ll find Berlin’s most emblematic works. You can feel the spirits of Karl Marx and Banksy in this neighbourhood. Start your visit with the famous “fraternal kiss” between Brejnev and Honecker. Before you is the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall, which is symbolically covered in artistic works. Cassiopeia, a constantly-evolving club with an indoor skatepark, is one of the best places to meet the locals.

Honouring the collective memory of Berlin

In addition to Museum Island, which contains some of the most beautiful examples of German heritage, most tourists also choose to visit the Holocaust Memorial, where you can honour and reflect on collective memories of the war. Right in the heart of Berlin, not far from the magnificent Reichstag, you will find 2711 massive concrete blocks. After remembrance comes the duty never to forget. For this, head to the Jewish Museum, Berlin, which retraces the history of the Jewish community in Germany.
Walking along the Berlin Wall Memorial, you’ll be transported to a different period in history. This must-see site sheds light on the architecture of modern Berlin, as well as its urban reorganisation. In complement to the wall memorial, visit the DDA Museum to learn more about everyday life in Berlin under the authoritarian regime.

When night falls in Berlin

Berlin is far from lacking in entertainment when the sun goes down. It’s difficult to name another city with as many alternative nightlife spots. While there are plenty of fantastic options, Berghain is among the most famous. An old stronghold of the gay community, it quickly became a temple of electronic music, hype and minimalism. Located in an old power plant, its austere architecture creates a unique ambiance. You’re sure to have an unforgettable evening.
If you’re looking for something a bit tamer than Berghain, the House of Weekend offers an exceptional view of Berlin. Take a break from dancing to look out at the immense Alexanderplatz from your 12th-floor vantage point. This is the best Berlin nightlife has to offer!

Sample the flavours of Berlin

Berlin’s culinary heritage is divided into two categories: traditional and popular cooking. The most traditional side, that of breweries and biergartens, offers pickled herring, smoked pork chops and potatoes. It’s a plentiful, fortifying kind of cuisine, which can also be found in the cosy cafés known as Kneipen.
At Treffpunkt Berlin, you can enjoy a delicious portion of apfelstrudel, an apple and cinnamon pastry that pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.
But Berlin is also home to casual popular cuisine, which is exemplified by the famous curry wurst, spiced sausage served with French fries. These dishes are the equivalent of the British sausage roll, that can also be enjoyed sitting on a bench in the Tiergarten.

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