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A city in perpetual motion, bustling Berlin is one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic capitals in the world. A hotspot for culture, art, fashion, and architecture, Berlin sets the tone in many areas and it is hard to believe that just a few decades ago, a wall advanceprevented the city’s advancement.|

Berlin’s history has driven it onwards, with a desire to turn the page into a new era. During your stay in Berlin, you will discover this radical transformation, the coming together of two Germanys, putting Berlin on the path to perpetual experimentation.

Today, Berlin is well known for its excellent quality of life. To get a taste of this, visit Berlin’s newest neighbourhoods that sprung up just after reunification.

During your stay in Berlin, you will find anything you could possibly want. If you enjoy shopping, the Kurfürstendamm offers miles of trendy boutiques. For those who wish to explore the city’s famous nightlife, Kreuzberg is one of the top districts for clubbing in the German capital, and the beer flows freely in its many bars.

While on holiday in Berlin, head to one of the many bars in Charlottenburg to try one of the city’s specialties, Kurrywurst, a sausage accompanied by curry sauce.

Take the time to visit Potsdamer Platz; this square is emblematic of Berlin’s architectural revival. Step into the elevator at Panoramapunkt and you will climb 100 metres in under 20 seconds. From high above the city, it is hard to imagine that the famous wall marched through here.

The remains of the Berlin Wall demonstrate the city’s dichotomy. Both a contemporary art gallery featuring the work of street artists, and a place to remember the past, at Checkpoint Charlie, the city embraces its cultural blossoming without forgetting its past.

Your stay in Berlin will immerse you in history. From the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of German unity, to the Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace and the Berliner Dom, its numerous monuments tell the story of the city’s past.

A major art hub, Museum Island with its Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery) and the Kulturforum will delight art lovers.

Looking to the future without losing its historic essence, Berlin is a city without borders, a city that has a real a thirst for life.

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