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From Wednesday, July 12 2017 to Sunday, February 18 2018

In the land of the rising sun.

"Sayonara Tokyo" is an event that showcases the land of the rising sun. After a quarter of a century of isolation, the country finally opened up to the world. And even though it has held onto a little bit of mystery, today Japan has a very important cultural and artistic influence.
This show tells the story of the journey of three women across the country, who see their ideas and prejudices about the country completely turned upside down. They realise that Japan is a country they don't know at all, and which has many secrets to reveal.
This is the moral of this colourful show.

Admission prices :
- Price category 1 (full price) : 104.85 €
- Price category 8 (full price) : 29.5 €

Wintergarten Variété
Postademer strasse 96
10117 Berlin

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