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From Friday, August 11 2017 to Saturday, September 2 2017

It's time to dance in Berlin.

Tanz im August (or Dance in August), is the international dance festival in Berlin. For two weeks, contemporary dance is celebrated in the German capital. It's an opportunity to (re)discover not only productions by renowned choreographers, but also the work of the new generation of artists.

Among the places hosting the various events are the famous Halle Tanzbühne, HAU and the Academy of Arts.

From Tuesday 29 August to Saturday 2 September 2017 :
- Tuesday doors open at 19:00
- From Wednesday to Friday doors open at 15:00
- Saturday doors open at 14:00
The event takes place at several sites in Berlin.
Complete programme and tickets on the official website.

Haus der Berliner Festspiele Theatre
Schaperstraße 24
14195 Berlin

Phone number
00 49 30 254 890

00 49 30 254 89 111


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