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Friday, April 20 2018

Window onto the world.

Barcelona, global capital of tourism? With 75 countries and 1,500 exhibitors, the Catalan capital assumes this role for four days in the Fira Exhibition Centre open to the world.

Travel agencies, tourist offices, airlines, tourists and travellers of all kinds can meet, exchange and plan tailor-made holidays.

Each year certain countries and regions are chosen as guests of honour, featuring at a special exhibition during the International Tourism Fair of Catalonia.
Open to professionals and the general public, this fair invites everyone to travel the world.

Recinto Montjuïc

Information +34 93 233 2000 or email

Fira Barcelona Trade Fair
Avenida Reina Maria Cristina 1
08000 Barcelona

Phone number
00 34 9 02 233 200

00 34 9 32 332 198


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