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In terms of size and character, Bangkok is in a class of its own. This megalopolis is a city of extreme modernity, and yet the capital of Thailand has not forgotten its deeply rooted traditions. This leads to the harmonious coexistence of futuristic skyscrapers and the Buddhist palaces of the former kingdom of Siam.

Travel around Bangkok to explore this glorious past. Along the Chao Praya you will discover beautiful temples and palaces on the water, a kind of Thai Venice. Wat Pho and the Grand Palace of Rama I are perfect illustrations of the city’s history, exemplifying the traditional architecture of which Bangkok is so proud.

Step into the district of Phra Athit and admire the houses from the last century. Stroll through the sublime exotic garden of Jim Thompson’s House, one of the grandest examples of Thai architecture in Bangkok.

During your stay in Bangkok, you may be surprised by the religious fervour entrenched in the city. At Wat Phra Kaew, the huge Emerald Buddha remains an object of veneration, as is the sumptuous golden reclining Buddha at Wat Pho.

Far from being trapped in its past, Bangkok keeps up with the times. Monumental towers and shopping centres have flourished in recent years, as a new, ambitious Bangkok emerges. In the neon jungle of its streets, the MBK and above all the Siam Paragon (Bangkok’s flagship shopping centre with 300 shops) illustrate the thirst for modernity that drives the city’s inhabitants.

The skyscrapers of the business district are not just the domain of office workers. During your holiday in Bangkok, head to the rooftop bars which blossom here, offering a unique experience overlooking the city.

Thai traditions are never far away. Visiting Bangkok gives you the opportunity to experience some of the city’s many markets, by day or by night. You will come across some surprising local customs, such as the street vendors selling insects, a popular snack.

A city of contrasts and excess, your stay in Bangkok will take you on a fascinating emotional rollercoaster offering the best of Asia.

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