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Muai Thai boxing orginated from a fight for the throne in the 15th century, and was later developed into a sport by the military in the 16th century. Muay Thai has become well-known throughout the centuries in popular culture and has become an art form governed by rules of combat. A form of boxing in which the fists and the feet are used, Thai kickboxing requires a lot of resistance and inner strength.

Ratchadamnoen Stadium was the first stadium to be dedicated to Thai boxing, in 1941, although it wasn't to see its first fight until 1945. Like Lumpini Stadium, this site is legendary among Thai fighters who dream of winning in this most prestigious of arenas, where local boxers will defend their reputations against the best in the world.

Admission prices :
- Price category 2 (full price) : 1500
- Price category 3 (full price) : 1000
- Price category 1 (full price) : 2000

Ratchadamnoen Stadium
avenue Ratchadamnoen Nok
10100 Bangkok

Phone number
0 22 81 42 05

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