At the heart of the most important museum in the Netherlands.

At the heart of the Rijksmuseum , come and enjoy the largest and oldest art history library in the Netherlands: The Cuypers Library.

Following an intensive 10 year long restoration project at the museum, the place has recovered its former splendour. Prepare to be blown away as you discover the splendid 19th century reading room and its immense rows of books, bathed in an wonderful tranquillity.

Visitors, art historians and students come here to deepen their knowledge of the Rijksmuseum collections, or, like you, simply contemplate this timeless place.

From Tuesday 1 January to Tuesday 31 December 2019 :
    From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00

Museumstraat 1
1000 Amsterdam

Phone number
31 020 6747055


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