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A fine sandy beach by the Atlantic and mild weather that makes you want to do nothing: this is what Agadir is famous for.

Just above the beach is the promenade known as the Corniche. This pedestrian area bordered by palm trees is the ideal place for an ice cream at the end of the day. In the morning joggers can run there and admire the sea view.
This walkway takes you all the way to Agadir marina. Where the ships and white buildings are reflected in the blue of the water.

Then you should delve into Moroccan architecture by visiting Medina Polizzi, so called because it was built by Coco Polizzi following the earthquake in 1960. Here you can meet craftsmen who will be delighted to share their skills.

In place of the old Medina, there is Souk El Had. Covering 13 hectares, it's the largest souk in Morocco. Food, textiles, crafts - you'll be spoilt for choice!

Continue your journey into the history of Agadir by visiting the Kasbah, built in the 16th century in the Oufella hills. At more than 200 meters above sea level, it has beautiful panoramic views of the city and the bay.

Now it's time for some exercise; so head to Taghazout Beach, to the north of Agadir. This is where surfers hang out, mainly because there are waves for everyone whatever your level. If you're more at home on a green than in the water, there's always Golf de l’Océan or Golf du Soleil, depending on whether you want to play on a 27 or a 36 hole course.

The last amazing thing to see before leaving Agadir is about thirty kilometres to the north. You can swim under waterfalls in a place whose very name is enough to make you dream: Paradise Valley.

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