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The capital of South Australia, Adelaide combines luxurious nature with a tranquil city. The city centre is surrounded by parks, in addition to immense natural spaces such as Torrens River, St. Vincent Gulf and the surrounding wine-growing regions. The city’s main thoroughfares are wide open streets where you can enjoy a stroll and get a taste of the local flora and fauna. It’s a little piece of paradise in southern Australia!

Sophisticated, soothing city planning

Adelaide is a carefully designed city: surrounded by natural spaces and vegetation, the city centre is built around Victoria Square. The fountain in its centre represents the region’s three rivers. Next, head down King William Street or Wakefield Street, the tranquil artery roads of this cosmopolitan, modern city. They are lovely places for a stroll or a ride on one of the city’s free bicycles. Aiming for the River Torrens Footbridge and the Convention Centre will take you along a pleasant path. The city’s Mediterranean climate and easy lifestyle make your exploration even more agreeable. So enjoy the refined, airy feel of the city. The smooth flow of traffic and wide open architectural style mean there is plenty of space for everyone. The lush plants and vegetation on the banks of the River Torrens enhance the effect. The 900 hectares of Park Lands surrounding the city sum up the situation: greenery and serenity, the advantages of having a city built within a park!

Unique natural heritage

Adelaide is a nature-oriented city. The charming Botanic Garden offers a refreshing getaway in the heart of a tropical forest, with collections of orchids and exotic mushrooms. Located on the seaside, Adelaide is quite close to the Glenelg Beach seaside resort, just 15 minutes away from the city centre. If you want to observe koalas, kangaroos and rare birds like glossy black cockatoos and black swans in their natural habitats, head to Kangaroo Island. Nature preserves protect the flora and fauna, and the natural spectacle is striking. In the Cleland Wildlife nature preserve, marsupials like wallabies, wombats and potoroos are intermingled with the rare Australian emu: the site holds exceptional species among which you can wander freely.

A wine region surrounding a lively city

Adelaide is a city with many fine wines. Head towards the regions of Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale to discover the local wine culture and sample the famous nectars of southern Australia. Get to know the area by driving through the valleys to reach the Hentley Farm gastronomic restaurant, which serves refined dishes to complement their wines. With fresh produce from local farmers, Adelaide offers you the best of one of Australia’s oldest wine-growing regions. Riesling for lovers of white, Syrah for those who prefer red: the colours of the wines mix with the superb green tones of the valleys of grapes turned golden by the sun. Return to the city centre to enjoy art festivals such as Fringe, which brings together more than 5,000 artists of various disciplines. The rest of the year, the lively Leigh and Peel Streets neighbourhood picks up the slack, offering a wide variety of wine and cocktails to accompany the delicious global cuisine and seafood.

Cultural centres and historical monuments

Adelaide has a fascinating history. You can learn more about it in the Migration Museum or the South Australian Museum, where you can discover the city’s past and that of its aboriginal people. In the Victorian Ayers House, immerse yourself in the opulence of a grand family home that embodies the rich lifestyle of 19th century colonial society. Sir Henry Ayers, its owner, was prime minister seven times and used to receive Adelaide’s social and political elite as guests in this home.
If you’re interested in traditional and modern aboriginal art, the Art Gallery of South Australia mixes Australian and British works from the colonial era and today. Finally, head to the Festival Centre, an arts complex on the banks of the river, to enjoy a show. From lyrical theatre to modern concerts, there’s something here for every taste.
Adelaide is a pleasant city with a provincial feel to it. It offers the best of a cosmopolitan, cultural destination, all while maintaining a close connection with nature. After exploring the city, head to Mother Vine to relax with a glass of wine from the region. Give in to the city’s light, carefree atmosphere!

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