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From Friday, November 16 2018 to Sunday, December 2 2018

Come and watch the safest aquatic competition in the world!

There are swimming champions and there are those who are naturals in the water. Luckily for them, there are lifeguards; and this year the best ones are in Adelaide! For fifteen days, these Mitch Buchannon wannabes will throw themselves into the water, this time with a smile, to be the first to bring back not a victim, but a medal!

Out at sea or in a pool, they will need to be the quickest, wearing flippers of course, but slowed down all the same by the traditional lifebelt (which is not necessarily red!).
The competitions pit lifeguards against each other, on their own and in teams, on board canoes or inflatables. There are also activities organised to raise the public's awareness of what lifeguards do.

From Friday 16 November to Sunday 2 December 2018 :
- Every day, from 10:00 to 20:00
Times and location to be confirmed
More information on the competition's official website

Gleneg Beach
Glenelg Beach
5000 Adélaide

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