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A Guide to The Best Sunset Bar in Phuket

Wassa Homemade Bar

One of the must-do attractions for anyone visiting Phuket is to watch as the sun sets into the sea - the island’s hills and mountains make for a great vantage point to enjoy breath-taking scenery. Chief amongst the locations to enjoy this daily display is the Wassa Homemade Bar: a watering hole that has all the atmosphere and drinks selection to match its stunning location.

Wassa Homemade Bar Phuket

The Wassa Homemade Bar is located close to the Hasippi Road overlooking the town, and holds the title for the best location to witness a Phuket sunset first-hand.
Be prepared for a steep climb as you approach the bar - and prepare to be rewarded once you reach the summit.
Wassa's location allows for a perfect 180-degree view of the entire Patong area, as well as a front-row seat to watch the sun get swallowed by the sea. The bar is open every day from 2 PM to at least 8:30 PM, with longer hours on the weekend.
Wassa Homemade Bar has a great atmosphere that perfectly complements the gorgeous views - think soft relaxing background music amidst a leafy backdrop. 
The food and drink menu is simple but well-constructed – with a selection dominated by local beers and freshly blended juices. Looking to add a bit of finger food to your order? Choose from a selection of traditional Thai treats, including spring rolls and fried rice.
The Homemade Bar combines a relaxed atmosphere with intimate surroundings (for both couples and larger groups) that’s the perfect complement to a sunset enjoyed with good company - and a drink or two from the carefully cultivated menu. 

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