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Exploring Pattaya’s Famous Nightlife Spot

Walking Street

Pattaya is synonymous with all-year festivities, and nothing epitomizes this ‘go hard or go home’ spirit than the region’s infamous Walking Street. Here almost every unit is taken up with a bar, pub or cabaret show, making competition for punters fierce and the drinks prices seriously competitive.

Nightclub in Pattaya

That said, it pays to know where to start when attempting to take on the Walking Street for the first time. So, before you get your head lost in the neon lights, read our top tips to enjoying a truly memorable night out in Pattaya…<o:p></o:p>

The Sky Gallery Pattaya

The Sky Gallery’s name may conjure up an image of rigid formality, but in reality the atmosphere is far more relaxed. The family team behind the restaurant/bar have created an oasis calm from their location on the top of Pratamnak Hill, serving authentic Thai food/seafood alongside panoramic sunset views of Pattaya Bay and Koh Lam. 
The Gallery also hosts a cafe serving coffee/freshly squeezed juice plus a beach bar stocked with creative cocktails and draught beers – the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon in the sun or an evening under the stars. 


Noir Pattaya doesn’t have a designated dancefloor – rather, the whole bar erupts to life when the party gets going  at Noir. Which, in true Pattaya style, is almost every night!
Don’t expect any Western comforts however – the crowd is mostly local, so Thai/Kpop/Jpop hits generally outnumber the Western pop/EDM that soundtrack most Pattaya bars. That said, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the full Thai party experience and (maybe) find a new favourite song to try your hands at the next time you’re in a karaoke booth.

The Ice Cube

The Ice Cube stakes a legitimate claim to being the coolest bar in Pattaya – not only is it extremely limited capacity, but temperatures are kept well below freezing in the walk-in freezer.
In keeping with the bar’s sub-zero temperatures, drinks are served with an Arctic theme and carry a strong Nordic influence by way of a huge selection of vodkas and other clear spirits. Be sure to try the nominated Vodka of the Month at a discounted price. 

Sense of the Sea

Sense of the Sea delivers a course of laidback luxury set to a calming oceanside backdrop. The design is stylish and laidback cool, with a Jeff Koons style sculpture proving that Pattaya isn’t just catering for backpackers on a budget. 
Indeed, Sense of the Sea wouldn’t feel out of place on a West Coast clifftop or a Mediterranean island – the atmosphere is serene and civilized with a casual drinks menu to match. Arrive early to secure a spot by the pool and while the day away to a soundtrack of house/live music.  

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