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From Taling Chan to Kwan Riam

A Guide to Bangkok’s Floating Markets

For many travellers, the famous floating markets of Bangkok are high up on the agenda when planning a visit to Thailand’s capital. However, depending on which part of the city you’re staying in, they can be tricky to find without a little help. The good news is that there are plenty of tour operators in Bangkok that offer tours of all markets – the not so good news is that most excursions start before sunrise, so be sure to get an early night in order to keep your energy levels high.

bangkok floating market's vendors on boats with fruits and vegetables

Taling Chan Floating Market

Taling Chan is one of the most accessible markets because it is located just a few kilometres outside of Bangkok. While the marketplace does get very busy owed to its size, there are fewer tourists and you’ll find it easier to speak to the locals and enjoy tasty snacks.

You can rent a longtail boat and ride the nearby waterways for just 100 baht. Or, you could treat yourself to a leisurely massage beneath the trees along the river. Whilst all the seafood at Tailing Chin comes highly recommended, keep an eye out for Som Tum and their barbecued prawns, fish, and blue crabs.

Kwan Riam Floating Market

Located on the bank of the San Saeb Canal near the outskirts of the city, Kwan Riam is the most recent addition Bangkok’s collection of floating markets. This means no wooden boats, but plenty of floating kitchens, electric toilets and mist fans to keep you cool on hot afternoons.

Don’t leave without enjoying a coconut ice cream, and choose from all kinds of amazing toppings to add a personal flourish to your dessert.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak is the most famous floating market in Bangkok, and also one of the busiest – people flock to it in their thousands from the morning onwards. Be prepared for crowds on every day of the week.

Don’t let crowds put you off though - the market is arguably an even more beautiful sight when crammed full of people. Plus, where else can you enjoy the experience of buying a meal from a boat and having it served to you on a fishing pole?

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