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Bangkok Arts & Culture

Step into a dynamic and colourful scene

Bangkok is a city of immersive and unique culture, therefore it’s no surprise that it has a lot to offer in terms of its creative scene. There are numerous galleries, artist movements, and institutions that build upon the spirit of Bangkok to create some of the most cutting-edge and distinctive art projects in the world. This unique blend of local culture and outside influences creates beautiful results that can be found all around the city. There’s also no lack of entertainment options if you’re just looking to go out and enjoy a movie or a live show. So, the next time you find yourself in Bangkok, be sure to check out these places if you’re looking to get a taste of what Bangkok’s arts & culture scene is all about.

Visit One of Many Art Centres

One of the most interesting phenomena of Bangkok’s art scene is its abundance of unique art centres that each bring their own perspective on what art in Bangkok is really about. 
The Naiipa Art Centre is an office building that has been specially designed to be used by artists and artistic enterprises. The building has been designed around the old trees that were there long before construction started – this respect for nature makes Naiipa a great place for artists to explore the balance between urban city life and nature. 
Another cool place to visit is the Thailand Creative & Design Centre, or TCDC. It hosts a number of contemporary exhibitions, holds lectures and organises workshops, all aimed at progressing Bangkok’s art scene and making it more relevant in today’s art world.  
There are numerous galleries across the city that are worth a visit, such as the RMA Institute, Toot Yung Art Centre, and Brownstone Studio. Many of the Bangkok’s galleries are also coffee houses, so you can enjoy a good brew while admiring the artworks.

Catch a Show in a Theatre

There are many live performances in Bangkok that can take your breath away, while also teaching you a lot about the Thailand’s rich history. 
A prime example of Bangkok theatre is Siam Niramit, which manages to condense the epic history of Thailand into a thrilling 90-minute live performance. You will be taken through 700 years of history, culture, and tradition, complete with intricate numbers, elaborate costumes and great production value. 
There are plenty of other live shows to choose from, such as Calypso Cabaret, Muay Thai Live, or the Aksra Theatre, which combines many of the performing arts to create a blend of traditional Thai performance with modern theatre.

Watch a Movie

Finally, if you just want to kick back and enjoy a movie in Bangkok, you’re in luck – there are many exciting Bangkok cinema theatres that can help you have a great time. 
You can find luxury comfort in Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Screens movie theatre that offers a state-of-the-art movie experience, no matter what film you actually choose to watch. 
The extra spacious and comfortable couple seats, free drinks, and even a foot massage are all available at this ultra-luxurious cinema experience! 
You will also enjoy the best in sound and visual technology that the 21st century has to offer, which is honestly just a bonus when you consider just how comfortable the seats are. 
And if you want something to really make you feel as if you’re in the movie yourself, you can’t go wrong with the 4D-Plex Theatre, which takes the more traditional 3D movie experience and transforms it into something much more immersive. 
Along with the 3D glasses, you will also enjoy a synchronised vibrating seat experience that will transport you to the very heart of the movie. On top of that, you’ll also be exposed to the environmental effects, meaning that when it rains in the movie, you’ll also get sprayed with water, so you’ll feel as if you’re literally part of the action!

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