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Muay Thai in Phuket

Where to Try Your Hand

Muay Thai is inseparable from Thai culture and in the last few decades, the ancient art of eight limbs has become hugely popular in the Western world as both a combat sport and way of staying fit. A visit to Phuket must therefore take in one of the city’s many Muay Thai gyms – whether you’re looking for a sparring session or preparing to enrol in a full blown training camp.

Muay Thai trainer holding long practice bag for trainee to kick

Here are some suggestions of gyms that carry the best reputations, as well as camps that are catered for short-stay visitors. 

1. Tiger Muay Thai Camp

If you want a taste of the real Muay Thai training experience, the Tiger Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts Camp is arguably the best Phuket (and Thailand) has to offer, The facility attracts world-class trainers and people from all over the world for a reason – you won't find a more gruelling Muay Thai camp anywhere else in the country. 
The camp is set over two acres, encompassing separate facilities for weight training, fitness, and dedicated combat arenas for fighters of all shapes and sizes. 
Don't be scared of encountering a language barrier - given the international status of the camp, all classes are conducted in English.

2. Sumalee Boxing Gym

For those that are looking for an all-inclusive Phuket Muay Thai experience that’s more catered to visitors, you won’t find a better option than the Sumalee Boxing Gym.
It offers the complete Muay Thai experience – with a camp that offers in-house accommodation, food and all the necessary tools and facilities to keep your mind focused on training. 
The gym is located in the very centre of the island’s East Coast and is easily accessible from most parts of the island. Classes are held twice per day, six days per week, and you can even arrange private lessons for a more immersive experience. 

3. Kingka Supa Muay Thai

Located in the Rawai region in South Phuket, Kingka Super Muay Thai is a great place to completely immerse yourself in the Muay Thai experience whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery that Phuket has to offer. 
The camp has 15 bungalows and shared rooms adjacent to the rings, and there are morning and afternoon sessions that are led by more than a dozen trainers, catering to all different levels of experience. 
There are also numerous restaurants, massage parlours and bars that are close to the camp – the perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s training.

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