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Discover Hidden Gems near Ko Samui

Tired of Crowded Beaches?

Bangkok’s coastline is a destination for any holidaymaker’s world, and Ko Samui Island is perhaps the best example of just how scenic the shores of Thailand can be. However, the island’s popularity has had its downsides – some of its beautiful beaches have become overcrowded and can be less than perfect, especially for someone who wants to get away from the city’s noise and just enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature. Luckily, Ko Samui’s lengthy shoreline means there are many places to escape the hustle and bustle of city life (and the more popular shorefronts). Read on for a selection of some of our favourites.

1. Centara Villas Samui Beach

Some of the most gorgeous beaches are part of resorts, as is the case with Centara Villas Samui Beach. It’s a stretch of a few hundred meters that’s filled with little pockets of pristine beaches, surrounded by beautiful nature and huge rocks that separate each patch of sand. 
There’s a quiet corner for anyone that wants to get away from the ruckus of the city, and the beach is great is you want to take a swim as well. There’s even a man-made pool in the ocean that was originally a boat anchorage.

2. Coral Cove

One of the most beautiful beach destinations in Ko Samui is the Coral Cove located on the East Coast of Ko Samui. Here, the sea meets rocky outcrops to form a stunning backdrop to any sunbathing session (or Instagram post)!
Get close to the action by staying in one of the many cottages and holiday resorts situated close by -if you want to enjoy empty beaches at your doorstep, this might be the perfect solution. 
Ko Samui sea with blue sky and clouds

3. Maenam Beach

Situated on the northern coast of the island, Maenam Beach is a favourite with backpackers, offering the hard to beat combination of affordable accommodation and secluded beaches. 
Explore the long stretch of sandy beachfront to discover an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and backpacking travellers. The 7 kilometre stretch of sand ensures that you’ll always have a corner just for yourself, and it can even make for a very romantic walk along the ocean as you see the sun go down.

4. Thong Takhian Beach

Thong Takhian beach, also known as Silver Beach, is a hidden patch of sand that’s tucked in between the bigger and more known Chaweng and Lamai beaches. 
While it isn’t difficult to access, it’s very easy to miss, as the short stretch of coast is not easy to spot when driving along the hills of the seaside. 
But if you manage to stumble upon it, you’ll be rewarded by perfect white sand beaches, clean shores and relative privacy. Hurry up and enjoy this gem of a place while you can, as more and more tourists are discovering it each year. 

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