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Koh Samui's Best Attractions

From Butterfly Garden to Fisherman's Village

Though smaller than Phuket, Koh Samui offers an equally beautiful take on the Thai island experience, offering a more serene experience than its larger, party loving brother.

Fisherman's Village in Koh Samui

Expect secluded beaches, incredible coastal scenery and great food as you explore Koh Samui’s best known attractions and best kept secrets. Take your pick of our favourite places to explore below:

Fisherman’s Village

Once a community of fisherman and fish markets, now a neighbourhood that counts boutique stores and bustling bars amongst its residents – Koh Samui’s Fisherman’s Village has undergone quite the transformation.
Explore the shops and restaurants during the day, and watch the district come to life each Friday thanks to a growing community of bars. There’s also a host of hotels to choose from should you wish to pick Fisherman’s Village as your base whilst you stay in Koh Samui,
Added bonus: enjoy majestic views of the ocean and Koh Phangan mountains from many of the neighbourhood’s open-back restaurants.

Samui Butterfly Garden

Located on the southern part of the island, the Samui Koh Butterfly Garden is home to a huge range of beautiful butterflies housed within a pristine garden. And, whilst he butterflies are undoubtedly the main attraction, there’s a lot more to explore once you’ve taken in every corner of the garden.
Learn about the lifecycle of butterflies, smell rare flowers and plants and see dozens of insects and spiders up close in the flesh. And, better still, top off your trip to the Koh Samui Butterfly Garden with a relaxing drink at the nearby bar and restaurant.

Angthong National Marine Park

If you want to enjoy the best that Koh Samui’s nature has to offer, you can’t go wron g by visiting the Angthong National Marine Park – the gateway to an archipelago of 42 islands scattered across the Gulf of Thailand.
Here you’ll find some of the most pristine areas of Thai natural beauty – over 100 square kilometres of secluded beaches, beautiful waterfalls, exotic wildlife and much more.
You can also explore Koh Samui’s diverse marine ecosystem by snorkeling or scuba diving at the Angthong National Marine Park. Simply hop on a quick boat trip from Koh Samui to witness the beautiful coastline firsthand – you can even stay onsite to extend your trip and take an extra day or two to explore the waters…

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