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Exploring Bangla Road in Patong

Phuket's Party Central

Once the sun goes down on Bangla Road, the neighbourhood becomes a bustling hive of lights, music, and affordable drinks. The street is buzzing with life for most of the year, and on it you’ll find a wide range of bars and club that cater to any taste.

Nightclub in Bangla Road, Patong

And to get the most out of your Bangla Road experience, here are some suggestions on where you might want to go:

1. Kangaroo Bar

The Kangaroo's location makes it the perfect post-beach hangout. Arrive early to find a seat amidst a usually packed bar and take in the unique atmosphere - with a music selection and drinks menu that caters to all tastes, it's the perfect place to start your evening or enjoy a quick nightcap before bedtime.

2. Tiger Entertainment Complex

The Tiger Entertainment Complex is arguably the ultimate Bang La experience – 3 storeys of bars packed under the same roof with an atmosphere like nothing else in the vicinity. 
Though the complex is technically separated into different bars and sections, the crowds (and music) mean the place can be seen to erupt into one big dancefloor. And, with Bang La road busy Monday-Friday, this happens more often than not.
So whether you’re out with friends and looking to party, or simply looking to meet some like minded individuals, you can’t go wrong with Soi Tiger. After all, it’s arguably the place where most of the best Soi Bangla stories are born.

3. Tai Pan Night Club

Tai Pan Night Club’s reputation for great parties is built off two decades off providing an immersive experience to both locals and tourists.
Get loose to modern club classics (and the obligatory guilty pleasures) and prepare to dance like nobody's watching. Drink prices are a little higher than the average Bangla Rd bar, but this is one Phuket night club that guarntees to help finish your night on a high note.

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