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Exploring Markets in Yangon

Myanmar’s Best Textiles, Homeware & Herbs

South-East Asia is a market-powered economy, and few cities boast the same diversity as the markets of Yangon. Visiting one of the cities open-air markets is like seeing a living snapshot of the city in action – the energy of the vendors and the hugely diverse range of items on offer (or rather, waiting to be haggled for) make the experience something to add to your Myanmar to-do list for sure.

market in myanmar

Bogyoke Aung San Market

We start with the Bogyoke Aung San Market, arguably the most impressive market Yangon has to offer. Also known as Scotts Market, it boasts over 2000 shops/stalls and a huge array Myanmar-made handicrafts to take home as a souvenir of your trip. 
For the sartorially inclined, there’s also a host of tailors that can whip up a made-to- measure creation if you’ve got a few days to spare. 

Hla Day

Hla Day offers handicrafts, toys and stationery – as well as an array of locally produced womens/kids clothing – making this one of the more family friendly markets available in Yangon. 
A friendly local crowd and knowledgeable stall owners always keen to haggle combine to make the Hla Day experience a welcoming one. 


Located between 18th and 24th street, Yangon’s Chinatown is a hustling, bustling district packed full of shops and stalls. <o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>Though the district’s famous roadside stalls have since moved to Strand Road, Chinatown still has a host of shops to keep visitors busy. Keep an eye out for the songbirds that fill narrow side streets with cheerful music, and be sure to bring some of authentic paper goods and handicrafts back home with you.

Theingyi Zay Market

Theingyi Zay Market has been around since 1905, and as such boasts charming colonial architecture and a tantalising glimpse at the Yangon of yesteryear. It’s also the largest traditional market in the Myanmar capital’s downtown district, and is renowned for its large selection of traditional herbs and cosmetics
Once day turns to night, the market transforms into one of Yangon’s busiest nightlife hotspots, and as such is probably the only market in Myanmar that offers traditional Burmese medicine AND karaoke in the same location! 

Anawrahta Road Night Market

As your day (or week) of market-hopping comes to an end, there’s no better way to finish off your Yangon trip than a peruse of the Anawrahta Road Night Market. Operating daily from 3pm to 11pm, Yangon’s night markets have captured the imagination of both tourists and locals alike – and Anawrahta is no different. 
An array of candles and fluorescent lights keep the atmosphere intimate and cosy, and vendors cater for all crowds, including office workers looking for a post-work meal and tourists looking for a special Yangon souvenir. 

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