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Manila's Best Food

From Restaurants to Street Food

If you want to try authentic Filipino cuisine, Manila’s undoubtedly the city to visit. Being the cultural and historic centre of the Philippines has a few advantages, one of them being a vibrant (and delicious) restaurant scene! With this in mind, here are three places that will allow you to experience the best food Manila whilst eating like a local:

manila's street food

StrEAT Food Park

2016 saw a food park explosion in Manila, with dozens of vendors racing to fill the capital city’s open spaces with Instagram-worthy quick eats and delicious snacks. 
Perhaps the finest (and tastiest) example is the StrEAT Food Park. Situated in Quezon City, the park brings together Thai, Japanese, Korean and Mexican influences to deliver a delicious multicultural culinary experience. There’s also a host of live music options for those who like to dine out with a soundtrack.

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

BHR’s location within the famous Intramuros district is fitting – the dinery has just as much history and old-world charm as the neighbourhood it calls home. 
Crystal chandeliers and dark wood carvings transport would-be diners to a bygone era upon arrival. Throw in exemplary service and freshly made Filipino cuisine, and you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to leave after you’ve picked up the bill. 

The Big Bonondo Food Wok

Everyone loves a solo mission in a foreign city, but sometimes a guided tour is the best way to get a little sample of everything a city like Manila has to offer. 
At three and a half hours, the Big Bonondo Food Wok’s guided tour is as extensive as they come, and does a great job of showcasing the diversity and depth of Filipino cuisine. Be sure to make time in your schedule for an in-depth look at Manila’s street food scene, and maybe skip lunch to make space for a real feast! 

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