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Makati City, Quezon City & Manila

Metro Manila’s Party Towns

It’s not just the city centre where the party never stops – Manila’s metropolitan areas are home to countless pockets of after-hours fun. The likes of Makati and Quezon City each have their own individual personality, with a whole host of bars, clubs and restaurants that capitalise on the space outside of the confines of Manila’s old town and walled district.

Party Town

Makati City

With a population of 582,602, Makati isn’t so much a suburb of Manila, but a fully-fledged city in its own right. And whilst the district hosts the capital’s financial centre, it’s also home to some more appealing attractions for workers (and holiday-makers) looking to blow off steam in the evening. 
Once you’re done exploring the Ayala Traingle Park and Ayala Museum (we’re starting to  suspect a trend in naming convention here), head to one of Makati’s upscale malls (Greenbelt Shopping Complex and Powerplant Mall are our personal favourites) for a spot of retail therapy.
Then, once you’re done with retail therapy/a spot of window shopping, it’s time to explore the other side of Makati. Head to the Santa Ana Cabaret for a taste of cultural history, before ending your evening in more conventional fashion thanks an enviable roster of upscale night time options. 

Quezon City

The former capital of the Philippines shuns the glossy glamour of Makati City in favour of a low-rise feel. The streets are lined with up and coming eateries, quirky bars and independent boutiques, lending the city a more rugged charm than its high-rise cousin.
Quezon City is also home to a host of museums and galleries if you’re looking to add a cultural aspect to your holiday in the Manila metropolitan area. There’s also the unexpected (but very welcome) presence of La Mesa Nature Reserve – a 2,700 hectare biking trail that’s the perfect morning workout if you feel that way inclined.
For those who prefer late nights to early mornings, Quezon City also packs a punch when it comes to a night out on the tiles – Cablecar, Oblivion and Vanity Club all offer their own unique take on after-hours fun and must be seen to be believed.


Manila itself isn’t one to be shown up by its neighbouring districts - from high end bars to ‘hole in the wall’ style street bars, the Filipino capital holds its own with an array of options catering for every budget.
A wide selection of restaurants makes Manila City a hubub of activity when early evening comes around. The city’s best bars centre around the Malate area where the running theme is bohemian, lively and vibrant - owed in part to Spanish influence present in the district’s architecture.
As the evening comes to a climax, much of Manila proper flocks to Valkyrie – a 2,000 capacity event space built to cater to almost every party need. 

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