A Tale of Three Cities

We invited bloggers and vloggers to be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize. all they needed to do was to create a post or video around the theme ‘three things i love about my favourite city’

Entrants were invited to write about any city in the world so long as it inspired them to get creative. Further inspiration was provided by our competition ambassadors who explained what they love most about London, Paris and Amsterdam. Scroll down to meet our ambassadors and find out why London, Paris or Amsterdam is so special for them.

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The competition winner will receive:

But that's not all! We'll also be offering a GoPro camera to the entrants that finish in 2nd and 3rd place too.

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A Tales of three cities Finalists

It wasn’t easy but our ambassadors helped us whittle down our competition entries to a shortlist of finalists. Our winners were then decided by public vote on Twitter; click the button below to meet the winners and see their entries!

Meet our winners


We enlisted the help of three great bloggers and vloggers as competition ambassadors, who helped us draw up a shortlist of finalists, with the winners ultimately being chosen by a public vote.

Our three competition ambassadors created content around their chosen city to help inspire potential entrants. Watch the video about London to the left or click the buttons below to read what our Paris and Amsterdam ambassadors had to say.

London picto London James Hill London

London - James Hill

With nearly five million views on his YouTube channel Jimmy0010, entertainment presenter James is well versed in voicing his opinion on a variety of subjects. As our London-based ambassador, he turned his attention to letting us know the three things he loves most about London in the exclusive video below:

Inspiration for your posts and videos

Our three competition ambassadors have created content around their chosen city to give you inspiration when creating your blog post or video. Watch the video about London to the left or click the buttons below to read what our Paris and Amsterdam ambassadors have to say.

Paris picto Paris Courtney Traub Paris

Paris – Courtney Traub

As editor of the popular  About.com Paris Travel site and co-author of the 2012 Michelin Green Guide to Paris and Northern France, it’s fair to say that Courtney knows a thing or two about Paris. We’re delighted to have her as our Paris-based ambassador; click below to read her three favourite things about the City of Love.

Three reasons why I'm still in love with Paris

Having lived in Paris for over a decade, I can say this with certainty: it gets into your bones, maps itself on your mind, and sticks. It’s made me understand why Ernest Hemingway called Paris “A Moveable Feast” in his memoir of the same name. I’m still hopelessly enamored of this city, so it’s a challenge to pinpoint what I love the most. But if you cornered me, I’d have to settle on three things:

Walking around: Like a character in a Woody Allen movie, I love walking. Paris is an endlessly interesting place to amble—and I inevitably stumble on poetic, intriguing new places or details. On a typical day, you’ll find me roaming around the Right Bank: My favorite stomping grounds include the areas around the zany, colorful Centre Pompidou; the Marais neighborhood, with its narrow streets and stunning medieval and Renaissance architecture; or Belleville and Menilmontant, a remarkably un-gentrified area filled with artists’ studios, street art, and panoramic viewpoints (Metro: Belleville, Pyrénées, or Pere-Lachaise). Heading further afield, I like getting lost in the city’s village-like enclaves: these include Passy (Metro: Passy) the Butte aux Cailles (Metro: Corvisart) or quieter areas of the Latin Quarter (especially around Metro Cardinal-Lemoine or Place

The food: I may not be a bona-fide gourmet, but good food (preferably paired with excellent company) makes me ridiculously happy. I’m admittedly not much of a formal restaurant enthusiast, though: too many restaurants in Paris rest on their laurels, and the prices are often inflated. Instead, I like procuring fresh cheeses, fruit, and other reasonably priced but excellent goodies from traditional French markets. My favorite, beloved by many, is the “Marché Aligre”, open Tues-Sunday mornings from 9-12:30 (Place Aligre; Metro Ledru-Rollin). For a delicious pain aux raisins or éclair, I head to one of the city’s excellent boulangerie-patisseries. In my neighborhood, I especially love Les Délices de Parmentier (142 Avenue Parmentier, Metro: Goncourt). I’m also a chocolate enthusiast: Patrick Roger’s silky, creamy, yet fresh chocolates are my favorite, with Michel Cluizel coming in a close second. Street food is a firm ritual: on weekends, a supremely warm and deliciously greasy falafel from L’as du Fallafel or Chez H’annah (32 and 54 Rue des Rosiers, respectively; Metro: St Paul) is generally followed by fantastically creamy, homemade gelato from nearby Pozzetto (39 Rue du Roi de Sicile.) Finally, for eating out (and drinking), I like the informality of wine bars. Le Verre Volé (67 rue de Lancry; Metro: Jacques-Bonsergent) is a favorite. Their small plates are delicious.

The cinema scene: I could happily spend hours in the velvety darkness of a cinema-- and in Paris, I often do. Astonishingly, the city boasts over 350 active screens and some 450 films showing every week: a pure dream for cinephiles like myself. My haunts include La Pagode, oozing old-Hollywood glamour with its Japanese-inspired architecture (57 bis, rue de Babylone; Metro: Sèvres-Babylone), Le Champo near the old Sorbonne (Metro: Cluny-La Sorbonne), and the Cinémathèque Française, where they show retrospectives on some of my favorite directors (currently, one commemorating Francois Truffaut, of “400 Blows” fame). There’s also a fantastic collection of cinema artifacts.

In reality, my list could go on for days. As the Paris Ambassador for A Tale of Three Cities, I encourage you to get virtual pen to paper or your camera rolling to tell us what you love about your chosen city. I’ll look forward to seeing the results!

Read Close Courtney’s favourite things about Paris
Amsterdam picto Amsterdam Anne De Buck Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Anne De Buck

Anne is the founder of lifestyle and travel blog Your Little Black Book. She’s a full-time travel blogger and entrepreneur waking up in a different city almost every week. She also knows all about the cool things to do when she’s back home, making her the natural choice for our Amsterdam-based ambassador.

Three things I love about my city: Amsterdam

Amsterdam loves you – and that's why I'm sharing my three favourite things about my home town so you can experience them too.

Riding my bike: Amsterdam is designed to ride your bike everywhere. It’s one of the things I miss most when travelling. Cycling is perfect to get you from A to B in Amsterdam and the good thing is that you always discover new hotspots along the ride. Cycling on the canal side still makes me happy. I’m living in Amsterdam for 10 years now and that hasn’t changed a bit.

The historic buildings, the bridges and the water make a unique scenery that you don’t see in any other city in the world. In Amsterdam you can spot mothers with their kids in cargo bikes, bankers in suits on their Dutch bikes and hipsters with their vintage racing bikes going out to enjoy all the city has to offer.

When travelling to Amsterdam renting a bike is one of the most fun things to do. It’s the perfect way to explore the different neighbourhoods like De Pijp, Amsterdam North and Amsterdam West.

Food in Amsterdam: Dutch food is not in the top lists of best food in the world. But I can tell you that the Dutchies LOVE food. Food connects people, food brings joy and food is often a social thing.

The food and drinks scene in Amsterdam seems more vibrant than ever. It’s almost like the economic crisis had an opposite effect. New coffee bars, restaurants and lunch cafés open every week, mostly thanks to young entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses and are super passionate about what they are doing.

This year the first indoor food market opened its doors in Amsterdam West. Yes, Amsterdam now has its own food market which is a mix of the Mercado’s in Spain, Borough Market in London and Chelsea Market in New York. “De Foodhallen” is located in a former tram-shed and has made a great addition to the food scene. It’s one of the best new attractions in Amsterdam for where you can mingle with locals and taste some of the tastiest food concepts in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam North: One of the most upcoming neighbourhoods in Amsterdam is the North side of town. From Amsterdam Central Station there are several free ferries that take you across the IJ-lake in only a few minutes. Amsterdam North is rough. It has a great mix of new and beautiful architecture standing next to old industrial buildings and warehouses. Those warehouses have been revamped and are now home to the coolest parties and raves, flea markets, art fairs and festivals.

What I also love about Amsterdam North is the great restaurant scene. With nice weather the terrace of the EYE Film Museum is great for a coffee. You have an amazing view of the station from there. Other great restaurants in Amsterdam North are: Café Modern (in a former bank building), THT (in the former canteen of Shell), Hotel De Goudfazant (in a former car garage) and Stork (a seafood restaurant in former aviation warehouses).

So those are the things I love about my city but what about you? In my role as competition ambassador I'll be helping Accor Hotels shortlist the finalists, so be sure to let us know the three things that get you most excited about your chosen city!

Read Close Anne’s favourite things about Amsterdam