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It was not my first visit to Singapore, or my first New Year's Eve party. Reaching the age with a 3 as the number in front has been making a new year is just another time passes by. But this time I can't hide the smile and excitements on my face when I got a call to join "Celebrate New Year's Eve Through Google Glass." In short, I would be having an opportunity to try Google Glass and spend NYE with it while sharing the experience to others in Google Hangout, live from Singapore.

I packed light since it was only three days visit. I share this to my friends and they were just as excited as I am. Google Glass hasn't been sold in my country and this is a rare experience. Next day I arrived in Changi Airport. It's been months since my last visit and I can smell Christmas and party vibes on the street, nice to see that even just a glimpse from a moving car.

I went straight to Ibis Singapore Bencoolen, a nice simple yet stylish hotel in Bencoolen Street. I think Ibis Bencoolen are really into green lifestyle and stuffs, they put bamboo bicycles outside for guest who wanna stroll around, they even provide eco pen which made from recycle paper to help local community in Indonesia. I stopped at a big touch screen on the lobby. It was actually comprehensive information for tourist and what I like the most is airport information and we can event print booking from the screen. Then I went to the bar with mood lighting and have a short brief of what's going to happen during NYE.

Here comes the reason why I am so excited for this NYE. A simple white box which almost the size of an A4 paper with no pictures, no mambo-jambo writings on its side, just a simple "glass" on the top. I saw the Google Glass video on youtube way before I could try this thing and my reaction was "that is amazing, like a future coming right at you" and there it is, in front of me. The glass and frame, the google glass nicely arranged on its box, with very simple note describing parts of the Google Glass. It took time to adjust using Google Glass but in fact it is very simple. First a “glass” letter appears. What we see is actually only on the right side, so your right eye see that and combined (of course) as one vision perceived by our brain. Google Glass detect our voice, I can say "Okay Glass" then the glass will show options like "Take a photo" and if I want to take a picture I have options like saying to Google Glass "Okay Glass, Take a photo" or just blink twice, or swipe the right side of the Google Glass (touch panel). I adjust quite well with the Google Glass and ready for NYE party.

Next day we are ready for NYE. We went to The Float at Marina Bay. The ticket shows that it started from 7.30 PM but since that time it was a long queue. Thousands of people are coming to feel the festive NYE, from music bands, famous musician and of course, the fireworks. Who doesn't like that anyway? After long queing we got nice seats with Marina Bay Sands in front of us and the stage that constantly enlivened by performance of the musicians. We enjoy the atmosphere and without we realize, it was already approach the final countdown.

Since I was also having a live Google Hangout, I just let the camera waiting for the countdown and thinking about someone in other part of the world might be watching this and they'll feel a bit about this festivity in Singapore. "3...2...1" and here we are! 2015 is coming and the sky turns colorful, painted by the fireworks coming from the side of the stage. It was happy crowd, everybody saying happy new year, everybody smile and laughing or even stunned seeing the fireworks. It was a joyful start of 2015. After the countdown? it hasn't end yet, Big Bang performance making everybody (especially girls) so excited. Well since I'm not a fan of it, I just enjoy a bit and went back earlier before the end of the show, I save myself from queing back from the seats and back to hotel enjoying Ibis Bencoolen's comfy bed on my first day of 2015. After the party, I deserve a good morning sleep anyway.

I was having a good rest and enjoy nice lunch the next day (I skipped breakfast of course). I hate the fact that I have to leave Ibis Bencoolen's nice atmosphere and going back to busy days of work. But this NYE is just amazing. It more not about the party but the experience. As a fan of science fiction movie, I was thrilled to be able to try Google Glass. As a travel blogger, I'm so happy to stay at Ibis Bencoolen. It was very easy to access MRT from Bencoolen and I can simply going anywhere I want in Singapore. Well, 2015, bring in on, shall we?

Marischka Prudence
Travel Blogger on www.marischka-prudence.com

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“I’m Marischka Prudence, a travel blogger from Indonesia since 2012. Traveling and experiencing new things everyday drive me! Quite naturally, I was thrilled to start 2015 trying out Google Glass!”

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