Piazza Bellini
나폴리 Piazza Bellini 주변 아코르호텔 및 파트너 호텔에서 즐거운 시간을 만끽하세요. 나폴리 Piazza Bellini 주변 아코르호텔에서 럭셔리 부터 이코노미까지, 주말 여행, 가족 휴가, 출장 등 다양한 종류의 여행을 즐기세요.

AccorHotels Piazza Bellini 주변 호텔

0.85 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

The Golden Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Naples. The hotel's central location is perfect for catering for the needs of tourists, as...

고급 호텔

0.95 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

The sophisticated decor of the 138 rooms in this stunning hotel help create the perfect blend of historic detail and modern comfort.

3-4성 호텔

1.10 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

Ideally located in the heart of Naples, near the historic center and the Royal Palace, this hotel offers 99 air-conditioned rooms. It is just a 5-minu...

1.41 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

The Hotel Nuovo Rebecchino offers comfortable accommodation in a strategic position next to the Napoli Centrale train station.

버젯 호텔

1.55 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

The ibis Styles Napoli Garibaldi hotel is located close to Napoli Centrale train station and Garibaldi metro station. The historic center of Naples, w...

2.18 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

Housed in a prestigious neoclassical building that was painstakingly restored in 2013, the Partenope Relais exhibits all the elegance and harmony of a...

2.21 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

Modern hotel set on Naples' promenade on the Gulf of Naples, in front of the Castel dell'Ovo fortress. The hotel's 400 rooms boast minimalist décor an...

4.87 k.m 관광지 또는 명소

Le Cheminée is an elegant and modern 4-star hotel conceived as a business hotel, thanks to its excellent location at the center of an important and ex...

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