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From one of the many bridges that cross the Douro, discover Porto, a city in flux which boasts an important heritage which is brought to life by the city's cultural life. Riding on the wave of the spice trade, Porto was once one of the most important ports in Europe.

Wander around Porto's historic centre which is classed as a Unesco world heritage site, and it is here in the architecture that you can read the stories of the city's glorious history. Begin with the Casa do Infante (the house in which Prince Henry was born) and the Cathedral which will give you an idea of the fine architectural heritage of Porto.

If you are visiting Porto with friends, enjoy some youthful fun at the Ritual Rock Nights Festival or the Mares Viva Festival which host major international musicians on their stages.
If you are visiting Porto with the family, the children will love the Trams Parade in the streets of Porto. The streets seem to be crowded with celebrations, from the processions of Holy Week until the Festival of São João de Porto. Sporty types will be preparing for the Douro Valley Half Marathon or the Porto Marathon which offer stunning courses through the wine-producing region of Portugal!

Make a stop off at the Casa Ramos Pinto to taste a fine glass of port, or head for the Collectors Car Expo in Porto. Those who are less nostalgic will prefer the excitement of the Boavista race track where the Portuguese Touring Car Championships take place.

And finally, a stay in Porto would not be complete without a visit to the Dragon Stadium to acclaim the gods of FC Porto.

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