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From Wednesday, September 20 2017 to Sunday, September 24 2017

Experience DJs, art and more.

A scopitone is a type of early jukebox that plays music along with a roll of 16 mm film - a forerunner of the modern day music video.

Today, the Scopitone is a festival dedicated to electronic music, video art, and the visual and digital arts. Although the festival revolves around music, the event showcases new talent in all three art forms and is a strong networking hub as well as a great party-place. This festival is not just another music festival with an endless line up of bands, nor does it reply on an exhibition of images, it's a thought-provoking experience. Don't miss out!

Information from Stereolux on 02 51 80 60 80
Some of activities are free to explore.
Other (concerts) are priced. Price: from €6

Stereolux - La Fabrique
4, boulevard Léon-Bureau
44000 Nantes

Phone number
02 40 43 20 43


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