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January 2017

Come January, get ready to be blown away by some serious talent!
From the 7th to the 29th of January, the Sydney Festival is the place to be. Now in its 41st year, you can expect to see some incredible talent with more than 370 artistic performances scheduled in for your entertainment! If you enjoy music, dance, circus acts, comedy and theatre, Sydney is where you need to be!
Sports enthusiasts will race their way to Paris to see the men’s Handball World Championships from the 11th to the 29th of January. Make sure to secure your seat at the AccorHotels Arena to cheer on your favourite athlete.
The ultimate test of man and machine returns to Buenos Aires for another action packed event. On the 14th of January, competitors who have spent the last twelve days crossing Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, will cross the finish line. Witness this world-famous rally in a city of nearly 13 million inhabitants who know how to party!
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