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August 2016

In August, festivals move into their summer quarters. Head to Lisbon where, with jazz all around, the 33rd edition of Jazz em Agosto takes you to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation from the 4th to 14th August. More Robinson Crusoe, maybe? See you in Budapest, on Obuda Island, where you'll join 400,000 festival-goers and experience the adventure that is this Hungarian Woodstock. From the 10 to 17 August, Rihanna, Muse and David Guetta will all be appearing on stage. Finally, enjoy a bit of peace with the festival of canals in Amsterdam. From the 12 to 21 August, you'll be able to watch a series of free concerts taking place in the city's squares, streets and canals. The perfect way to end the summer on a more classical note. The team

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