What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication*) flows or feeds are a method for free content distribution from Internet sites.
The system lets you quickly check the latest updates of our offers directly in your RSS reader (or aggregator) or from your personalized homepage.
RSS flows are routinely generated to ensure constant updating of our offers.

How do you read RSS news flows?

To read an RSS flow, you must have a flow reader (or aggregator). There are two types of RSS readers:
readers that you install on your computer; you can either download one free on the web or purchase a version which offers enhanced functions.
online tools: like personalized homepages such as on Yahoo!, Google or Netvibes, which let you display RSS flows directly on your web page.

Why use RSS news flows?

RSS flows let you obtain in real time constant updates of your favorite kinds of offers. As soon as a new offer is released, you will receive an extract of its content on your computer through a link. You use this link to see full details of the offer.

How can I receive RSS news feeds from

To automatically retrieve RSS flows in real time, you must have specific reader software or an RSS content aggregator. Many RSS readers are available; we recommend you download one of them. Once the software is installed, select as many RSS feeds as you wish.

You can also use your personalized homepage (e.g. on Yahoo!, Google or Netvibes). Click on the button corresponding to the offers that you prefer in order to receive information about them in real time.

* Rich Site Summary

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