A huge, sprawling metropolis, home to 9 million people, Jakarta is a conglomeration of villages known as kampungs, now crossed by main roads and super highways. It is small wonder therefore, that you may drive down one wide avenue one minute then suddenly find yourself squeezed into a small street together with scores of cars and motorbikes.

Jakarta itself is built on a wide flat delta, intersected by no less than 13 rivers. Fronting the city in the Bay of Jakarta are a large number of tiny islands, known as the Thousand Islands or Pulau Seribu, a tourist resort for snorkeling and swimming. To its south are the majestic volcanoes of Gede and Pangrango, where are cool mountain resorts like Bogor, Puncak, Sukabumi and Bandung.
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North Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Utara) is one of the five cities of Jakarta, Indonesia. North Jakarta contains the entire coastal area within Jakarta Special District. In North Jakarta, an area at the estuary of Ciliwung river was the main port for the kingdom of Tarumanegara, which will later grows to become Jakarta. Many historic sites and artefacts of Jakarta can be found in North Jakarta. Both ports of Tanjung Priok and the historic Sunda Kelapa are located in the city. > Find out more link
South Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Selatan) is a city within Jakarta Special District, Indonesia and is the third most populous among the five cities of Jakarta, after East Jakarta and West Jakarta. The administrative centre is at Kebayoran Baru. > Find out more link
West Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Barat) is a city (kota) within Jakarta Special District, Indonesia. West Jakarta is bounded by North Jakarta to the north, Central Jakarta to the east, South Jakarta to the south, and Tangerang to the west. > Find out more link
East Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Timur) is a city within Jakarta Special District, Indonesia. It's the most populous of the five cities within Jakarta. East Jakarta is bounded by North Jakarta to the north, Bekasi to the east, Depok to the south, and South Jakarta and Central Jakarta to the west. > Find out more link
Central Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Pusat) is one of the five cities which form Jakarta, Indonesia. Central Jakarta is the smallest in area and population of the five cities of Jakarta. It is the administrative and political center of Jakarta and Indonesia. Central Jakarta contains a number of large international hotels and major landmarks such as Hotel Indonesia. > Find out more link


Bandung capital of West Java and the country’s third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya , is a great place to visit any time of the year as it’s not only renowned for its picturesque open vista, but the town also offers many attractions. Surrounded by green fertile mountains, Bandung today is Indonesia’s center for learning and creativity, and one of Indonesia’s most prestigeous university towns. Here is the wellknown, Institut Tekonologi Bandung (ITB) established since 1920, the university that has produced many of Indonesia’s top scientists from engineers, geologists to leaders in business management. > Find out more link
Bogor. Just 60 km south, or a mere one hour by road from Jakarta lies the town of Bogor, the "bo" of the massive Jabotabek conurbation, with 3,000,000 people or so of its own. The town was the capital of Indonesia during the brief British occupation, and under the name Buitenzorg (meaning “free of care”) was also the summer capital of the Dutch in the hot dry season. Located at the foothills of Mt. Salak, this town has a high, year-round rainfall and a much cooler climate compared to metropolitan Jakarta. Here are spread out the 87 hectares world famous Bogor Botanical Gardens (Kebon Raya Bogor), with the impressive out-of-town Bogor Presidential Palace fronting it and soaring Mt. Salak at its > Find out more link