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Discover the 7 wonders of Belgium

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Belgium is a small country, but one with a big history, culture, traditions and fantastic food. We have selected 7 Belgian wonders waiting to be discovered by you!

1. Belgian fries: Enjoy some of the best and tastiest fries around. This specialty has become the pride of the people and is almost considered sacred in Belgium! You can find fries stands across the kingdom at any time of day and night...

2. Beer: A cultural and national symbol for Belgium that is known and appreciated worldwide. The oldest breweries are located in the magical Louvain region. Whether you are craving a Pils (blonde beer) or a beer with more character brewed in the famous abbeys you will be able to choose from more than 1200 beers.

3. “Gaufres” or Waffles: In Belgium we have two types of waffles: the Brussels Waffles and the Waffles from Liege. Needless to say, the two waffles are in eternal struggle to be voted as the best waffle in Belgium. You can enjoy them with various toppings: fruits, chocolate (Belgian of course), or simply “nature” with no topping at all. The waffles are a must-taste for all those visiting the country.

4. Cartoons: This is Belgian art at its finest, so the Belgian Cartoon museum in Brussels is a must visit. You will also be able to try out your drawing skills by taking part in a sketch drawing “atelier”. When walking the streets in the centre of Brussels you will certainly stumble upon some of the buildings with large cartoon drawings on them.

5. Fashion: Antwerp has nothing to envy from Paris or Milan. Undeniably one of the Fashion capitals of Europe, there is a distinctive sense of style and creativity to Antwerpan designers. This historical city has seen a boom of creative studios in the past few decades, and the big fashion names and companies are now present in the city. The “Meir” street is the fashion centre of Belgium, and again is well worth the visit.

6. Diamonds: along with fashion, diamonds are another reason why Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders. Diamonds have been manufactured in Antwerp for over a century, which explains why the city has over 1500 diamond “boutiques”.

7. Chocolate: Last but certainly not least, Belgium's beloved chocolate should feature heavily for any visitpr. With over 500 certified chocolate makers and 2000 chocolate boutiques, it is safe to say Belgium is the Chocolate capital of the world.

We have selected these 7 wonders, but be aware Belgium has much more to offer than this; the incredible landscapes of the Fagnes in the Ardennes, surrealist paintings, the North Sea..It's all there and more.

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