Recognized around the world for its magnificent flowers, there’s no better destination than Amsterdam to see and smell the transformation spring brings to the winter tundra! Outdoor flower markets dot the streets and the neighborhoods of Amsterdam, transforming Amsterdam into a glorious patchwork of color. Terraces, gardens, and fields overflow with over 7,000 varieties of tulips, which in spring, only complement this beautiful historic city. But flora isn’t the only reason to visit Amsterdam in the spring months. There’s plenty more to see and do in Amsterdam. Here is the list of 10 must-dos in Amsterdam:

Thai Ritual

Start your morning with a koffie verkeerd , poffertjes or pannenkoeken

Visit any café in Amsterdam and you’ll find these popular served-all-day favorites. A koffie verkeerd is a shot of espresso served with warm frothy milk and sugar, similar to a caffè latte. Poffertjes, best described as small buckwheat pancakes served with butter, whipped cream and fresh strawberries, makes a tasty breakfast though they can also be eaten as a sweet treat. But the best by far are the pannenkoeken served at
The Pancake Bakery. This pancake-meets-crepe is a versatile, edible vessel that can be served with everything from bacon to fresh fruits and berries. It’s as filling as it is beautiful!


De Bloemenmarkt (The Flower Market)

The largest and most well-known flower market is de Bloemenmarkt where the stalls on barges float on the canal. The Flower Market is a block long and from March to May, is filled with tulips and flowers of all colors and varieties, even some rare ones! A trip to Bloemenmarkt is an extravaganza of fragrances, colors you can’t even imagine, and breath-taking beauty!

Albert Cuyp Market

Over half a mile long strip of stalls, The Albert Cuyp Market is a treasure trove of all types of merchandise. One of the largest city markets offering trendy, unique, and multicultural clothing, household and assorted items. Enjoy the scent of the flower markets in Amsterdam that are scattered throughout the Albert Cuyp Market.

Visit the Anne Frank house to sample a bit of history

Anne Franks’ memoir turned Pulitzer prize winning book comes to life when visiting the home where Miep Gies hide Anne and others during the occupation of Amsterdam. Visitors learn about Anne and her family through stories, letters and photographs.

Café Winkel

The best apple cake (appeltaart) in Amsterdam is made at Café Winkel on the corner of Westerstraat/Noodermarkt. Soak up the local culture while you sip a cup of tea.

Take in the classic architecture and picturesque canals

From luxurious canal homes to windmills and drawbridges, Amsterdam is filled with charming architectural design. Explore some of the 1,200 bridges that dot Amsterdam, or take a glimpse into the golden age as you travel past the historic canal homes.

Plants Market

Flowers, plants, herbs, and trees arrive for a five hour Monday morning market on the Amstelveld in Amsterdam. With the air heavy with the fragrance of flowers, the stall boys start advertising their wares. Nearly all of the flowers and plants are homegrown. Don’t forget to take a moment to investigate the Amstel Church! Then enjoy the shops and restaurants around the corner of Utrechtsestraat.

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens, located in Lisse about 25 miles from Amsterdam by bus or car, is open only two months a year and is dedicated to spring flowers, especially tulips. Nearly 80 acres of more than seven million flowers in a lake of breath-taking colors and fragrances make selecting a favorite flora next to impossible! Savor the nearly one mile walk through the world-renowned floral displays or rent a bike at the entrance and enjoy the sensory feast through the unbelievable display of tulips at their best.

End your day in relaxing accomodation

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